What is Stretcher Transportation?

What is Stretcher Transportation?

AmbuTrans provides transportation for those who need to travel on a stretcher but who are not in an emergency situation. AmbuTrans vehicles are set up to accommodate an ambulance stretcher with seating for Medical Attendants, escorts and family members.

AmbuTrans stretchers are the same as those found on EMS vehicles. They measure approximately six feet by two feet and have a vinyl lined foam mattress. AmbuTrans patients can lie flat while on the stretcher or sit up with legs extended in a variety of head positions from perfectly flat to 90 degrees fully upright.

Although AmbuTrans stretchers have four wheels and are made to be rolled with the weight of a patient on them, when they are loaded into the non-emergency ambulance vehicle, they are locked into place with specially designed mounting brackets and are held perfectly secure while in transport.

AmbuTrans stretchers can be raised or lowered to match the height of any bed so that a patient can move or be moved effortlessly between bed and stretcher. Once on the stretcher, patients are secured in place with seat belt type straps. Stretchers are adjustable to enable them to fit into small elevators or to negotiate narrow halls in houses or apartments. In this way, patients can be picked up or dropped off directly from their bed and transported without having to stand or walk on their own.

Stretcher transportation is the best mode of transport for someone who is bedridden or who should not be bearing weight or walking without assistance.