There are a number of ways that non-emergency medical transportation bookings can be made. Various methods include direct telephone contact, online booking, fax booking and e-mail bookings.

Stretcher transportation services such as AmbuTrans offer all of these methods in order to make the process of arranging patient transportation as effortless as possible.

There is a certain amount of information that is required at the time the transportation booking is made in order to ensure that the trip is completed as efficiently as possible. This information falls into the following categories:

Client Identification and Location:  This consists of the clients name and pick up address. Any access issues are identified that would indicate the type of equipment required and the time required to move the client from their bed to the ambulance. Access issues include stairs, porches, ramps and entrance ways. The weight of the client is also required information to assist in this process.

Reason for Transfer:  It is necessary to determine the reason for the transportation booking which can be a medical appointment, doctor’s office visit, hospital discharge, social visit or any other number of reasons that an ambulance stretcher is required for transport. This information is required to determine an appropriate pick up time, the possibility of waiting time at the destination and if a return transfer booking is required.

Pricing and Payment Options:  Patient transportation fees are based on a number of factors including distance of travel, time of day, additional waiting time required, etc. Payments can be made directly by the client or their family or billed to a third party such as an insurance company or medical benefits program.

Special Considerations:   The Medical Attendants providing transportation need to know a number of things to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for the patient. These include, but are not limited to current medications, oxygen requirements, communicable precautions, sensitivities, painful areas and accompanying escorts.

Professional Medical Transportation Services such as AmbuTrans strive to ensure that the transport of every client and patient is done in a fashion that provides safety, comfort and client satisfaction. It may appear that excessive amounts of information are required during the booking process, but this is all necessary to facilitate the effective completion of the transportation services to be provided.